In Times Like This We Need to Shout About the Good Work We Do

We are all shaken by the events in London this week. Four innocent people dead, around 40 injured and seven of those thought to be in critical condition. What a tragedy at the hands of a confused and cowardly individual; our thoughts here at Kikit are, of course, with everyone who has been affected – particularly those who have lost family and friends.

All you need to do this week to appreciate how the whole community has banded together, is log onto social media. You will see a mass of people bonded by a shared sense of grief. Positive messages of hope have gone viral; images of solidarity have been shared and hashtags of hope have started to trend. It’s an imposing cultural statement and a strong message: Hate, fear and violence will not divide us and will never undermine our multicultural society.

However, the message isn’t as crystal clear for everyone. Certain groups always use events like this to push a divisive, anti-Islamic message; they know that incidents such as this are ripe for exploitation. Equally, other extremist groups may use this rhetoric to radicalise those who are vulnerable, such as people suffering from substance misuse issues.

We provide a range of culturally-sensitive, bespoke and – above all – confidential interventions for people who are at-risk when it comes to radicalisation. This includes people suffering from issues relating to alcohol and drugs. And when we all witness an event like the one we saw this week in London, it becomes acutely apparent why our work is so important to society.

The staff at our support service dedicate their lives to safeguarding our society against extremism. But it isn’t just us who shoulder the responsibility, so does the whole of our community. Every single one of us should be working towards a healthy society, one with positive shared norms and values. An ecosystem of support that has no space for radicalisation, division or hate.

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