Diversity in Recovery Programme

To compliment the CGL (ChangeGrowLive) Foundations of Recovery programme and to ensure that people’s access to psychological therapies is not hindered by their ethnicity, culture or faith, KIKIT has developed and designed the Diversity in Recovery Programme which is a specialist, 6-week psychosocial programme geared towards service users from Black and Asian minority ethnic communities that experience barriers in their recovery journey.

This programme explains the context and the need for positive action. Diversity in Recovery also offers a ‘Family in Treatment’ service which supports families of those registered on the DIR programme to understand the difficulties in recovery and how they can use positive reinforcement to encourage their family member in recovery. This programme will look at involving families and helping to reduce stress with multi-lingual progress reports, harm minimisation sessions, substance misuse awareness, coping mechanisms and stress relief.

  • A 6-week psychosocial programme.
  • Every Tuesday 11:30am – 12:30pm
  • To support individuals to break down barriers when accessing treatment.
  • To support individuals to become abstinent from illicit drugs and alcohol by encouraging access to treatment and using an asset based recovery (Recovery Capital).
  • 3 phase programme: Obstacles to Recovery, Tools to Recovery & Asset Based Recovery.
  • Employment support
  • Venue: KIKIT office

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