Muslim Recovery Network

KIKIT Pathways to Recovery CIC have developed and set up the first Muslim Recovery Network. The Muslim Recovery Network is a 12 step Islamic addiction recovery programme for individuals that experience problems associated with addiction.

KIKIT have adapted the original Twelve Steps of Alcoholics/ Narcotics Anonymous into a fellowship of men and women adapting the principles, values and beliefs in to a framework of an Islam based recovery.

Whether you struggle with addiction or associate with someone who does, this guide can be a  blessing in your life. The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous have been adapted into a framework of the doctrines, principles and beliefs of Islamic principles. They are presented in this guide as key principles at the beginning of each section. This guide will help you learn how to apply these key principles and how they can change your life.

This guide is intended to be a workbook and reference for those attending addiction recovery support groups sponsored by KIKIT Pathways to Recovery.

Men and women who have suffered the devastating effects of various addictions and have experienced recovery were invited by KIKIT Pathways to Recovery to share their experiences in applying these principles in their lives. Their point of view is used to convey the anguish of addiction and the joy of healing and recovery. You may find comfort, support and a common bond between them

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