Amars Story

Amar, a KIKIT service user shares his experiences with addiction. Amar started drinking when he was 17 years old, as time went on Amar began to experiment with other drugs such as cannabis. Before he knew it, Amar found himself experimenting with Heroin.

He realised he needed help, however being from within the BAME community, he felt ashamed and did not know how to access treatment. He was then advised by a local drugs worker about KIKIT.

Saeeds Story

Saeed struggled with an Alcohol addiction for many years. He learned about KIKIT services through his mother, who heard about KIKIT from a local Imam.

Saeed enrolled onto the KIKIT Muslim Recovery Network Programme and attended regular BAME Support Group sessions to help him tackle his addiction.

Mohammeds Story

“Whatever money I had, it was all going on Cocaine”

Mohammed grew up against drugs and alcohol, however in his early 20’s he found himself struggling with addiction.

Mohammed journey started with cocaine, he found his hygiene and appetite had deteriorated over the years.

Drugs drove Mohammed further from his family, when his farther passed away Mohammed realised he needs to turn his life around.

Mohammed turned too KIKIT for help, he was supported in applying for jobs, writing his CV, getting clean and staying strong in his faith.

Maliks Story

“Ask for forgiveness and Allah (SWT) will forgive you”

Malik struggled with a Heroin addiction for many years. His drug addiction led him to loosing his family, before he knew it Malik was alone and feeling helpless.

Malik found KIKIT at his local mosque after Friday prayer, he approached our specialist outreach worker to learn more about our services.

Maxines Story

“No matter what colour you are, what race you are, what culture you are, there is a service for you at KIKIT”

After 15 years of addiction, Maxine turned to KIKIT for help.

Maxine turned to Crack Cocaine at age 38 years old, with the help of KIKIT and her loving family she was able to tackle her addiction.

Abduls Story

Abdul fell into the hands of groomers whilst he was in prison. Whilst suffering from a Heroin addiction, groomers tried to convince Abdul that he can turn his life around by engaging in terrorist activities.

As Abdul gained support for his Heroin addiction, he began to realise, with a clear mind, that the views his ‘friends’ had did not make sense.

Darrens Story

Darren got into drugs when he was diagnosed with PTSD due to experiences within the Navy.

Darren turned to drugs to escape from traumatic memories. He shares his experiences with KIKIT today.

Drop-in Centre

Our drop-in centre, at the heart of the community in Sparkbrook, is the focal point for all our activity. Staffed by volunteers and health care professionals, we offer a warm welcome to anyone who is looking for help, advice or support. Just call between 9am and 5pm weekdays. No appointment is necessary.

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