Are you participating in Dry January 2022? You should probably read this…

The festive period of Christmas and New Years can often involve in indulging in your favorite treats and diving in to seriously large units of Alcohol.

Dry January is an annual campaign which is run by Alcohol Change UK, the focus of the campaign is to eradicate the serious harm caused by Alcohol by obtaining a period of abstinence during the month of January. The purpose of this campaign is to help you gain back control after long periods of Alcohol use.

Participating in dry January can be a great chance to detox your body and it can give you the willpower to maintain complete abstinence going forward. Maintaining a period of abstinence can help in many ways, some benefits of engaging with the campaign are, saving money, better sleep, weight loss, long term health benefits and much more.

Although Dry January is a great opportunity to start your recovery journey, if you have been drinking Alcohol for a long time you should seek support before attempting complete abstinence. You can still participate in the campaign in different ways, such as reducing your intake with advise from your substance misuse support worker. The sudden abstinence from Alcohol can have catastrophic effects on your body, therefore we recommend getting in touch with your support worker to discuss alternative methods and create an action plan to reduce your Alcohol intake in 2022.

if you experience any of the following symptoms when attempting the challenge, you may be dependent on Alcohol and should contact your support worker as soon as possible:

  • seizures (fits)
  • hand tremors (‘the shakes’)
  • sweating
  • seeing things that are not actually real (visual hallucinations)
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • difficulty sleeping (insomnia)

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