KIKIT Gang Prevention

KIKIT operate a “grass roots gang intervention programme” using ex-gang members and specialist mentors who have been specifically trained (Inc. High risk mediation training) to engage young people on the fringes of the negative gang culture and low level antisocial behaviour leading to violent youth crime as well as gang nominals who have become disillusioned with the gangs and need support to exit.

Our work involves engaging those that are most vulnerable to being groomed into gangs. We operate in a safe environment and deliver our BME specialist mentoring intervention programme that includes creative activities which enables young people to better express themselves, challenge negative behaviours, learn new skills and make better life decisions.

We offer a support service providing mediation and conflict resolution solutions in critical youth and gang conflict situations, and strive for the following outcomes:

  • Prevention of first time offending or Reduction of re-offending particularly relating to violent crime
  • Reduction in criminal activity where young people are known to be involved as gang members
  • Successful engagement / re-engagement into Education, Training or Employment of 25 hours or more per week for 12 weeks or more, including Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship Programmes.

Community Safety Services

Community Outreach Service

Allowing us to find the most vulnerable on the streets who haven’t yet engaged with us.

Community Safeguarding Panel

This is how we monitor best-practice across all aspects of safeguarding within the city.