KIKIT’S Muslim Recovery Network Training

Recently KIKIT’s Muslim Recovery Network Team has been providing training over the West Midlands to various faith based and community organisations, these include Ealing, Tower Hamlets, Leicester and all over Birmingham.

Some of the organisations that KIKIT has completed training for include:

  • Birmingham Central Mosque
  • CRI – Reach Out Recovery Services (Brimingham)
  • CRI – Ealing RISE (London)
  • Leicester Ethnic Minority Partnership
  • Leicester Central Mosque
  • Shakti Women’s Aid
  • Myira Khan Counselling (Leicester)
  • NHS Services (London)
  • And many more.

Within this training participants are given an indepth understanding of the Muslim Recovery Network including structures,resources and future support systems from KIKIT Pathways to Recovery CIC. By implementing Islamic principles and combining the original 12 steps of Recovery KIKIT have been able to cater for the needs of various Muslim clients.

Many organisations have been able to use this training within their practice and have provided positive feedback:

“Very informative training, this has helped me in terms of knowledge and awareness and raised my competency in working more with Muslim clients. I think having a trainee who has recovered from difficulties discussed in the programme has been most effective. I would very much recommend this to other practitioners and would like to visit practitioners and would like to visit KIKIT project personally. I think this will only raise my insight, as I was not aware until this project and support was in Birmingham.” – Amina Begum (Forensic Advocate/ Rape & Sexual Violence Therapist)

“Great explanation of the work of KIKIT projects e.g. Pathwayz and MRN. Positive resources and understanding of what can be offered to vulnerable clients. Gave a good explanation of links between recovery and working with Muslims/ Islamic principles. I feel the MRN would be great to run nationally.” – Myira Khan (Myira Khan Counselling)

“I cannot express enough how inspiring the training was yesterday.  It was clear that a lot of thought and  was put in to the restructuring of the programme. The content and delivery was excellent.  It was very easy to follow and understand the key learning.  The adaptation of the steps and the traditions to fit Islam was inspired and I learned a lot more about the culture of Islam and language. I left with a lot of food for thought and enthused. The concept is an innovative and fresh approach to achieve something that we have been trying to do for years and not succeeding and has the potential to be mirrored in other faith communities.

“The notion of taking the services out to the communities and framing it in a different way namely via a safeguarding agenda is an effective way of gaining a wider audience in a non-invasive manner. The exercise equipped us with the start of an implementation plan which was a good practical tool to get thinking about implementation in Ealing. Ash and Yasin were very knowledgeable and  competent in their ability to respond to all questions asked of them and provided supplementary information around Khat which was very helpful. Also I would like to give special thanks to the Service User who kindly offered to be filmed at the 12 step meeting to explain the steps and traditions.”–  Jane Brown (Quality and Governance Lead, Ealing RISE)

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