Sparkbrook Business Association

KIKIT Pathways to Recovery, in collaboration with approximately 42 businesses along the Stratford Road, Sparkbrook area have established an exciting, new initiative called The Sparkbrook Business Association (SBA)

Sparkbrook has huge potential due to its wide range of cultural attributions, ranging from flavorsome restaurants, unique cafes, and affordable vehicle repair centers, we have some of the best cultural attractions in Birmingham.

Unfortunately, many residents and organisations have highlighted factors of concern which range from, increase in crime & violence, neglected fly tipping, and concerns of safety, which negatively effects the organisations who operate within this area.

The Sparkbrook Business Association aims to resolve and ultimately distinguish the major issues within the area of Sparkbrook with collaboration of 42 businesses who have joined together to highlight and act against the factors which negatively reflect the reputation of Sparkbrook.

Our mission statement is to irradicate fly ripping, increase safety, and establish provisions for organisations to collaborate with our residents and businesses to create a Sparkbrook which is safer, cleaner and a business thriving area.

As a starting point for communication we have developed a WhatsApp group and a twitter account @SPARKBROOKBA for the Sparkbrook Business Association. Going forward we are coming together to setup a series of meetings to work in partnership with Birmingham City Council, Birmingham Community Safety, Public Health, Local MP Tahir Ali and our local Sparkbrook Police team and many more organisations which can help us achieve our objectives.

We believe together we can make the Stratford Road, Sparkbrook corridor to Birmingham City Centre one of the best business shopping areas in Birmingham which will be cleaner and safer for everyone to visit.

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